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When you devote yourself to supervising air traffic, hearing and being heard correctly must not take any extra effort. All EPOS | SENNHEISER air traffic control headsets are constructed with that in mind. High-quality speakers and microphones able to block ambient noise are therefore an absolute must. Just as a lightweight design that, together with soft ear pads, results in superb wearing comfort over the course of the workday.

ATC/C3 Headset configurator

COMMAND headsets are customized solutions for ATC (Air Traffic Control) and C3 (command, control and communication). To find the right solution for your ATC or C3 environment use the headset configurator and send your inquiry directly to our sales department.

HMD 46-3-II

Focused and in control Ensure consistent, reliable communication and all-day comfort with a lightweight headset designed to keep you in complete control in demanding sound environments. The noise-cancelling microphone filters out
background noise and delivers optimal speech clarity perfect for ATC and C3 use. Your comfort is prioritized with a patented design for a personalized fit.
Stay aware of your surroundings with a flip away headphone for single-sided listening. Customize further with a flexible microphone boom that allows for left or right sided use. Protect your hearing from sudden sound bursts on the line with EPOS ActiveGard® – a unique technology that protects while preventing communication drop-out. With the possibility of multi-channel communication,
this headset delivers consistent operational excellence and guarantees your optimal performance.
Key benefits & features
Consistent communication with EPOS Voice™ technology Voice enhancing technology with a noisecancelling microphone delivers perfect voice
transmission and reception for listeners

Exceptional all-day comfort Extremely lightweight design consists of patented two-piece split headband and soft, acoustic foam ear pads Protect your hearing with EPOS ActiveGard® Guards against acoustic injury caused by sudden sound bursts on the line without risk of communication drop-out


Ideal for ATC use as well as in general aviation aircraft. The HME 110 ATC headset with closed ear protector headphones provides excellent passive attenuation. The size of the headband is adjustable even to small heads e.g. for children. For easy and space-saving transportation the ear cups can be folded up.
Supplied Connector: GA Plug & Variant C3: Bare end cable.

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