Pilot Communications USA

We offer a wide variety of headsets for different aviation applications. They range from a child’s first aviation headset to our top of the line ANR headset which was certified by NASA and the Department of Defense for use on the International Space Station. We carry the most complete line of headset adapters and cable extensions to ensure your Pilot USA headset will work in any aircraft and any cockpit. Check out our line of flight bags and aviation headset bags for proper storage and protection of your aviation headset.Passive headsets cancel wide-ranging by blocking sound waves. Sound can be blocked by 3 methods: Barriers, Absorption Material, and Restraining Methods. In our flying headsets, we use the ear cup as walls to enfold the ear and act as an acoustical indicator. The ear cups act as a barricade against the path of clamour and eliminates energy of the noise tendency. The hard barriers target high regularity noise.

PA-1161 Passive Headset

Durable and robust, this is a excessive headset for the opening pilot, passengers, or a pilot on a reasonable. The PA-1161 makes equipped with an electret clatter cancelling mic on a half metal/half activate microphone boom. The headset offers mono/stereo capability and dual volume panels for individual regulations on each ear cup. The headset is prepared with foam ear closures and a foam headpad.


Pilot USA Headsets. Pilot Communications USA has a very wide selection of Headsets. They make Automatic Noise Reduction (ANR). Our top of the line Aviation Headset in ANR performance considered for the superiority mindful customer. The PA-1779T takings full benefit of closer broad-mindedness military mechanisms providing an supplementary 18-22dB of active noise termination at 100 Hz. The headset is the only self-determining ANR in the industry with a rechargeable nickel metal hydride (NiMH) battery-operated and normal 110V wall charger (230V European wall charger accessible by request). It is similarly the only headset to be worn in both USA (International Space Station- panel mounted version) and Russian (MIR-rechargeable battery version) space programs.

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