The Aviation Headset has a seller of Telex Aviation Headset for pilot message concocted the principal clamor dropping mouthpiece for USA Military during World War II battle. Afterward, Telex receivers were utilized on the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo space missions, making them the principal mouthpieces on the moon. Today, Telex keeps on spearheading strategic sound innovation. We plan and assembling superior business and general flying headsets for ideal solace, solid execution, and worth. Wired headsets are designed for pilots who share our enthusiasm for sound lucidity. Regardless of whether utilized on a solitary prop plane or a large stream, our headsets set the norm for clear, dependable, and predictable correspondences. From pilots to architects to administrators, Telex is the headset of decision for 70 percent of business avionics experts. Truth be told, Telex is standard hardware on all conspicuous business airplanes.

Advanced Microphone Technology

We invented the noise-canceling microphone for use in World War II combat and supplied microphones for the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo space programs to become the first aviation microphone to land on the moon. Today, all our headsets feature high-quality, noise-canceling electret microphones to ensure the clearest possible transmission.

Superior noise protection

Telex pioneered Active Noise Reduction (ANR) technology in aviation headsets. It cancels harmful, low-frequency noises that other headsets can’t block.

  • Work fewer hours — and make more money
  • Attract and retain quality, high-paying customers

Airman series

Only Telex offers the unmatched combination of advanced microphone technology, superior noise protection, comfort, and reliability.

AIR series

The Telex Air3100 is a medium-weight noise-reduction headset with amplified, noise-canceling, electret microphones.

  • Airman 8+
  • Airman 7
  • Airman 850
  • Airman 3100
  • Airman 8
  • Airman 750
  • Airman 3500
  • Echelon 20
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